Address Counts per Municipality for Switzerland

These statistics and data downloads have been substantially updated in June 2024, see Updated address statistics and comparison with GWR data for more information on the changes.

Theses statistics use roughly the same logic that is used for the "has address" layer on, it differs insofar in that it does not double count nodes with address tags.

Due to the differences in how the GWR addresses are collected from municipality to municipality they may include addresses for auxillary buildings or not, just as the OSM data, unluckily this tends to always work towards making the numbers not really comparable.

Starting December 6th, 2019 the counts and the contents of the files ignore entries for auxiliary building with house numbers of the format number.number. Further nota: in the GeoJSON and OSM format files we've tried to correct erronous "addr:street" entries to "addr:place" based on the official street index from swisstopo. Unluckily the street data cannot always be relied upon and you will need to check if it actually mirrows reality in the specific municipality you are interested in.

Data download

We are currently not importing the data wholesale, we do have an ongoing project to import addresses in the Canton Berne from the better cantonal data set that is nearly complete. But you can use the data for local coverage improvement or suggest an import on the Swiss mailing list. Please don't forget that you always need to add the street or place objects to OSM that are referenced in the addresses, see OSM - GWR Street and Place Names Comparision for more information.

GWR data is from 2024-04-24

Formats: "S" = ESRI shapefile, "G" = GeoJSON, "O" = OSM format (suitable for use in JOSM), "GA" = GeoJSON including ancillary addresses, "OA" = OSM format including ancillary addresses

Updated - 2024-06-25

MunicipalityGWR DataGWR%GWROSM
MatchingMissingDifferent or
Different or
more than
50 m
instead of
AadorfS G O GA OA2335851996190690 209915456756419144808
AarauS G O GA OA425986370122271474 32081051358261153117164602
AarbergS G O GA OA1613901462139270 13852281518259127107
AarburgS G O GA OA164319313164149 289135272601001083
AarwangenS G O GA OA2058901862182636 1829229113011621
AbtwilS G O GA OA2289822413193 19729111100222135
AclensS G O GA OA2053862 81970100001
AcquarossaS G O GA OA161256916791125 8857271213168154102
AdelbodenS G O GA OA3532812892282765 280372916107363346434
AdligenswilS G O GA OA1300931213119815 11951053320038
AdliswilS G O GA OA2442101247111061365 23351067948131951143913
AedermannsdorfS G O GA OA376943543477 33639626124801291
AefligenS G O GA OA615744574516 4511640010034
AegertenS G O GA OA7789070363766 6958355050515
AeschS G O GA OA36085212111101 167344017164512524193
Aeschi bei SpiezS G O GA OA1460881295128213 124221847631123136898
Aeschi (SO)S G O GA OA7327857855721 54418853254003130571
Aesch (LU)S G O GA OA41410644285357 378352301113752
Aesch (ZH)S G O GA OA399993983953 3899123850005390
Aeugst am AlbisS G O GA OA602985955932 5792379801401394
AffeltrangenS G O GA OA8563328824246 27155623236341464
Affoltern am AlbisS G O GA OA221510322842081203 21417321934160233402
Affoltern im EmmentalS G O GA OA8508471970019 70714320220530475
AgarnS G O GA OA482803863860 363119001005859
AgiezS G O GA OA1079097943 9314000111921
AgnoS G O GA OA100911394 910001220027
AigleS G O GA OA16759716321357275 15211537615426391
Aire-la-VilleS G O GA OA3339632075245 29729293010118313
AiroloS G O GA OA14564769064644 55889849749731092592
AlberswilS G O GA OA1889618215131 173153738031345
AlbinenS G O GA OA586851510 505360000101
Albula/AlvraS G O GA OA116259689569120 6305072277160036116
AlchenstorfS G O GA OA394923633576 34846001340843
AllamanS G O GA OA1749817110269 14529144526025169
AlleS G O GA OA12181012411410 1111107848321108102
AllmendingenS G O GA OA354802842777 2738102733416280
AllschwilS G O GA OA55425530932750343 2845269724024810188159440
AlpnachS G O GA OA1206991196117026 1111552021212521465
AlpthalS G O GA OA2782263549 57221351000253
AltbüronS G O GA OA2949427825622 2692532151416
Altdorf (UR)S G O GA OA196810721141678436 194028015313747
AltendorfS G O GA OA1502851282119884 1231271810656260371103
AltikonS G O GA OA2798523921920 2324745454420962
AltishofenS G O GA OA3929135732235 33353675137532
AltnauS G O GA OA7134633431519 31939437370901258
Alto MalcantoneS G O GA OA10311031066411655 96566123009297
AltstättenS G O GA OA361210036192775844 3467135125818135177274
AmdenS G O GA OA10057777575817 74725841005011775
Amlikon-BisseggS G O GA OA6473724319647 2334133446002452
AmmerswilS G O GA OA2619625120051 2382302380013242
AmriswilS G O GA OA28905917191289430 16441219172416316672
AmsoldingenS G O GA OA457843883862 3847300090211
AndeerS G O GA OA4992814312815 974023322534173
AndelfingenS G O GA OA11638497889781 9881474375361610026567
AndermattS G O GA OA4929245437876 4019121252011341
Andwil (SG)S G O GA OA55395529361168 524291320027
AnièresS G O GA OA6989264755592 62371623720318644
AnniviersS G O GA OA5099424920445 137496242123403948210
AnwilS G O GA OA3476121518827 195152140311423
AppenzellS G O GA OA25276416361369267 15969316741901545
ArannoS G O GA OA2081042172152 2062000001010
ArbazS G O GA OA89011257 488644000812
Arbedo-CastioneS G O GA OA11861316215111 147103913214817
ArboldswilS G O GA OA388803133085 265123631014149
ArbonS G O GA OA30409127792104675 264539565170936248266
ArchS G O GA OA9088375872236 7521567157001404725
ArdonS G O GA OA1029103106611065 10002911110012537
ArisdorfS G O GA OA103659618508110 613423000100212
AristauS G O GA OA4629242834979 441217500018
ArlesheimS G O GA OA309919618488130 5762523186193722217241
Arnex-sur-NyonS G O GA OA5993554015 518400000343
Arnex-sur-OrbeS G O GA OA229831921866 1983101872208195
Arni (AG)S G O GA OA5379953450484 220317169204508150335
Arni (BE)S G O GA OA689865965942 582107023353012367
ArognoS G O GA OA51115794831 75436111231127
ArosaS G O GA OA2001661339969370 112977720020232333120361
ArthS G O GA OA244410425532399154 226456117108647131165
Arzier-Le MuidsS G O GA OA95490859692167 838115751712028116777
AsconaS G O GA OA17694581171299 73110385385411011064614
AssensS G O GA OA387501961951 149231133104449
AstanoS G O GA OA309621210 172922200316
AttalensS G O GA OA15539815301240290 1422131583004252
AttinghausenS G O GA OA4967537432945 3671271212001417
AttiswilS G O GA OA8598674471826 72513445450253677
AubonneS G O GA OA96796931426505 8967165413458121701
AuborangesS G O GA OA2001220 11990000101
AuensteinS G O GA OA6674228225032 26640111610410011130
AugstS G O GA OA4959451728 39456821201124
Au (SG)S G O GA OA170810117391326413 1603703061194144110
AusserbergS G O GA OA313501581553 1501632200046
AuswilS G O GA OA313862702673 26350000780684
AutignyS G O GA OA482214131 134691100102
AuwS G O GA OA4979949451443 485933120813
Avegno GordevioS G O GA OA13036836914 78122577060417
AvenchesS G O GA OA104534360259101 2997341161021316040183
AversS G O GA OA2716517715720 1701010000145
AvryS G O GA OA9907755916 629282527109037
AvullyS G O GA OA2989628876212 241492410110047288
AvusyS G O GA OA430101438164274 3983039639510132431
AyentS G O GA OA2170982132362096 1823324153523240199265
BaarS G O GA OA30265416401271369 14581554855863133761441045
BachenbülachS G O GA OA7305238229290 3044261039150142167
BachsS G O GA OA439251131112 663731102104466
BadenS G O GA OA460292423620922144 37727865011839354041662064
Bad RagazS G O GA OA1539971500142080 14568182433011270
BalernaS G O GA OA82710872562 47780114011318
BalgachS G O GA OA13899913761050326 1274115891162849104
BallaiguesS G O GA OA2848323822513 235490017019
BallensS G O GA OA1772431 31740011002
BallwilS G O GA OA570975545504 541291120058
Balm bei GünsbergS G O GA OA13910414513213 12910475213601166
BalsthalS G O GA OA249710426012268333 23871102212226856301772455
BaltschiederS G O GA OA4592198935 9336625101411
BannwilS G O GA OA47585408216192 3868933000812
BardonnexS G O GA OA48992454269185 41373388920138428
BäretswilS G O GA OA1495811224116064 115833729029010029321
Bargen (BE)S G O GA OA650815285244 519131141190529
Bargen (SH)S G O GA OA1191001201155 113621120301113
BäriswilS G O GA OA575875024993 496792022000325
BärschwilS G O GA OA51610052051010 50016486486079016503
Basadingen-SchlattingenS G O GA OA7417555850157 555175431431120324458
BaselS G O GA OA2260610724339201722322 221055012712184137738230956
Bas-IntyamonS G O GA OA1152789863 71107611310011345
Basse-AllaineS G O GA OA917121131058 10781010110101215109
BassersdorfS G O GA OA20429419291546383 179324811341146520891242
Basse-VendlineS G O GA OA6223320919118 1984241281280215134
BassinsS G O GA OA45858269166103 259199241311304245
BätterkindenS G O GA OA16438914701294176 1434209242732502479
BättwilS G O GA OA5071055355269 4476044044110079520
BaulmesS G O GA OA3689334425292 33830012402128
BaumaS G O GA OA17439416411517124 158015531734672024374
BavoisS G O GA OA2678823521421 23532000411722
BeatenbergS G O GA OA1660931557153027 153112917917910015195
BeckenriedS G O GA OA85510388186417 8487261001118
BedanoS G O GA OA540214131 135270100012
BediglioraS G O GA OA4100330 34070000000
BedrettoS G O GA OA0-312 000000022
BeggingenS G O GA OA192951849094 17418171101010181
BegninsS G O GA OA40991373266107 355533511310012363
Beinwil am SeeS G O GA OA114310111571004153 1116270801602650
Beinwil (Freiamt)S G O GA OA3229229722671 2883403120814
Beinwil (SO)S G O GA OA24211227326112 227151521541133041198
BelfauxS G O GA OA12696835825 75119488010312
BellachS G O GA OA16979716561146510 16069141413501362
BellevueS G O GA OA760102778669109 73814613320035649
BellikonS G O GA OA50698497340157 488182672670006273
BellinzonaS G O GA OA116508976783193 8161053223624238214274386
BellmundS G O GA OA7228058151269 56815477000916
BellwaldS G O GA OA11968399495440 9802169649640007971
BelmontS G O GA OA83597811434377 703132192100101122
Belmont-BroyeS G O GA OA2925671971189477 18841015179217961640591855
Belmont-sur-YverdonS G O GA OA148751111056 113350000044
BelpS G O GA OA36779434883218270 181718601836815151024719
BelprahonS G O GA OA260902352332 23129002130217
Benken (SG)S G O GA OA86095817707110 7877321323201257
Benken (ZH)S G O GA OA2729826820365 258141101111117119
BennwilS G O GA OA4630000 04630000000
BercherS G O GA OA3709434927970 35515001220123
Berg am IrchelS G O GA OA27790252115137 24334892290116236
BergdietikonS G O GA OA90598892679213 899633250414
Berg (SG)S G O GA OA2949829127219 28212018200828
Berg (TG)S G O GA OA10838794491331 93813311661810213680
Bergün FilisurS G O GA OA901114103410268 893610000120121
BerikonS G O GA OA96485820695125 9065373874301019782
BeringenS G O GA OA1291971264757507 119595110314412291135
BerkenS G O GA OA688256542 5315001390242
BerlingenS G O GA OA402863473416 32181010002223
BernS G O GA OA2250110022629342419205 2006624331141979662451473061920
BerneckS G O GA OA1185991177924253 1152291143101450
BernexS G O GA OA17279416295271102 14352481400364001731578
BerolleS G O GA OA1313523 41270001001
BeromünsterS G O GA OA15861001595155936 152044121412311132
BesenbürenS G O GA OA2069319318013 19973636000137
BettenhausenS G O GA OA437873823793 3676105540413
BettensS G O GA OA1592422 41550000000
BettingenS G O GA OA40610040735156 394121114040523
BettlachS G O GA OA147410014861321165 141064140013993110681468
BettmeralpS G O GA OA1154111361342 5910952929005422105
BettwiesenS G O GA OA3408529122962 26773211211119110241
BettwilS G O GA OA2258920146155 195290020035
BeverS G O GA OA314341094366 942204342003753
BexS G O GA OA237410023892244145 2365988110967123291
BiascaS G O GA OA23873766313 62232589001919
BiberistS G O GA OA295710230262260766 2819138261726255351652795
BibersteinS G O GA OA6364629723760 29034688842334110
Bichelsee-BalterswilS G O GA OA97098960813147 9142626451971456
Biel-BenkenS G O GA OA17054882880127 6441061581609500170780
Biel/BienneS G O GA OA2090740850752883219 676513940650163422117011582058
Bielersee (BE)S G O GA OA616110 150001001
Bielersee (NE)S G O GA OA0-000 000000000
BièreS G O GA OA372331237647 11725256250114
BiezwilS G O GA OA179991781753 16514000501015
BiglenS G O GA OA863817036976 69616722218611192
Billens-HennensS G O GA OA3781453458 493290300216
BinnS G O GA OA4277431930118 292135333011823
BinningenS G O GA OA4328472040194199 165426741488147019143581863
BioggioS G O GA OA9358805030 77858121142120
Bioley-MagnouxS G O GA OA968077725 7521058000563
Birmensdorf (ZH)S G O GA OA13201001333131122 1269519126831215341317
BirmenstorfS G O GA OA87799874147727 85126811191129131
BirrS G O GA OA763102781328453 757630229110017320
BirrhardS G O GA OA28610028776211 28333434000135
BirrwilS G O GA OA41393387153234 37736871170530
BirsfeldenS G O GA OA2067591238355883 116090756555061786
BirwinkenS G O GA OA4963819318310 1643003960133817791
BischofszellS G O GA OA149238570456114 5399531511513009166
BissoneS G O GA OA2923927 82840011013
BisterS G O GA OA1098391910 91181100001
BitschS G O GA OA6811177743 716100000516
BlattenS G O GA OA624402512465 23738727000916
BlauenS G O GA OA51117877116 78433110130620
BleienbachS G O GA OA459874023993 39663100110517
BlenioS G O GA OA16557612671137130 124341244294313118
Blonay - Saint-LégierS G O GA OA35948028992180719 26389532413134981232342812
BlumensteinS G O GA OA7798667366013 652127023430653
BöcktenS G O GA OA4536529823068 29016302070110
Bodensee (SG)S G O GA OA1300303 010000033
BodioS G O GA OA303517116 13290513000114
BoécourtS G O GA OA565846451 435223939062143
BofflensS G O GA OA8384705416 65180003058
Bogis-BosseyS G O GA OA2879326791176 2563125612309265
Bois-d’AmontS G O GA OA14152941236844 40110112012452453253
BolkenS G O GA OA3527827824632 2668626326400011275
BolligenS G O GA OA2514882225214580 1989525434447213916265
BoltigenS G O GA OA209780168816817 163046723016272491678
BonaduzS G O GA OA8342219015931 168666036002130
BoncourtS G O GA OA899661538 5684367030414
BönigenS G O GA OA1442881270124525 12352072122923091238
BoningenS G O GA OA361983543522 3352633333308018352
BoniswilS G O GA OA52810053144091 50622251001421
BonstettenS G O GA OA12121031259118178 1183291314260729
BonvillarsS G O GA OA1839317215814 171120000011
BoppelsenS G O GA OA61769428267161 4251903002027
BorexS G O GA OA2849025619264 22658217110028246
Bosco/GurinS G O GA OA3347324618957 245890000011
BösingenS G O GA OA171736634511123 6271090044000448
BossonnensS G O GA OA6061990 85983320014
BoswilS G O GA OA75595718470248 708421110079
BottensS G O GA OA3207624620442 22199231102529
BottenwilS G O GA OA2839828025228 2711200040610
BotterensS G O GA OA445419190 174280001023
BottighofenS G O GA OA5829957755126 53250000133842
BottmingenS G O GA OA248741102299032 77317146776772015233925
BöttsteinS G O GA OA7819977625751 72929131317211535
BoudryS G O GA OA10462526788179 23980612211310412142
Bougy-VillarsS G O GA OA2129420113269 1951719000205195
BoulensS G O GA OA131871147737 113180000000
Bourg-en-LavauxS G O GA OA1720611060802258 91574550854024347100658
Bourg-Saint-PierreS G O GA OA154741141077 8964000012425
BournensS G O GA OA135981334129 1314000210223
BourrignonS G O GA OA2263375723 741526666230269
BoussensS G O GA OA2549123215874 235190000033
BovernierS G O GA OA479527270 274520000000
BowilS G O GA OA1007828308228 811196030580112596
BözbergS G O GA OA6415032324182 31930210811631496
BöztalS G O GA OA9985151283429 483482212919132753
BraunauS G O GA OA2829627218488 2651754110411
BregagliaS G O GA OA170242719354365 6481003991321526922193
BreggiaS G O GA OA69112876324 67609881011524
Breil/BrigelsS G O GA OA16263557148586 5131074451460192136498
BreitenbachS G O GA OA1351961302128319 1125226110511059301261232
BremblensS G O GA OA18261192 101720120002
BremgartenS G O GA OA1631961567615952 1507119401803120341850
Bremgarten bei BernS G O GA OA19348917401534206 171322101711000171728
BrenzikofenS G O GA OA288842442422 127161661472180
Bretigny-sur-MorrensS G O GA OA1619415210151 149121100067
BretonnièresS G O GA OA889281783 8260000011
BretzwilS G O GA OA56916955738 934760007007
Brienz (BE)S G O GA OA3095942919288336 28222731033545064142
BrienzerseeS G O GA OA0-000 000000000
BrienzwilerS G O GA OA730946886808 6478312130403350
Brig-GlisS G O GA OA22542864656185 5761675707430924111
Brione sopra MinusioS G O GA OA669220191 196501105006
BrislachS G O GA OA104701073 1010375502007
BrissagoS G O GA OA13126847014 601252423646101165
BrittnauS G O GA OA1301961259832427 123170152312233
BrocS G O GA OA113936415251164 3937462401911538
Brot-PlambozS G O GA OA1494651 51440004015
BruggS G O GA OA2908103301214531559 276710727317242188581792
BrüggS G O GA OA1267861093105241 106320451243101761
BruneggS G O GA OA2219821716750 20120431001115
BrünisriedS G O GA OA464542542540 25321177810420
Brusino ArsizioS G O GA OA341311069412 5129020200074774
BrusioS G O GA OA2982680737 252730000153954
BrüttelenS G O GA OA434853723702 3617310260918
BrüttenS G O GA OA5949054045981 479115377370123150429
BubendorfS G O GA OA2051561155113421 1327724129512967820141319
BubikonS G O GA OA2842681955190451 191192655600716
Buch am IrchelS G O GA OA3988935828474 34058305906901593
BuchbergS G O GA OA3641003673625 355991010717
BucheggS G O GA OA1610961553147578 1200183823101875150881108
BuchholterbergS G O GA OA1045798268179 806239080641331
BuchillonS G O GA OA2499223118546 211382112024118230
BuchrainS G O GA OA1146961111110110 1095512230038
Buchs (AG)S G O GA OA15898213081004304 124534319011741100261201
Buch (SH)S G O GA OA149951428854 1381101040011106
Buchs (SG)S G O GA OA25135814621315147 1241127229883012141136972
Buchs (ZH)S G O GA OA1074961034499535 100866248150560
BucktenS G O GA OA3608229826434 2976312120210128
BüetigenS G O GA OA4918541840414 40685032200943
BühlS G O GA OA336802692618 26670026601802268
BühlerS G O GA OA5223920517431 200322531100419
BülachS G O GA OA27177620681362706 1739977911593102371241157
BulleS G O GA OA5972181082399683 92050523203448203367470
BulletS G O GA OA3789134730641 34533111120619
BünzenS G O GA OA3499432923306 31529154011016
BuochsS G O GA OA91710294292616 9107114001217
BürchenS G O GA OA1395697961 9612993310015
BureS G O GA OA485317152 1447199000312
Büren an der AareS G O GA OA1562901411133675 13641980225401445
Büren (SO)S G O GA OA47010649948514 45020384386019045431
BurgdorfS G O GA OA51749147503806944 4514651283313167676293
Burg im LeimentalS G O GA OA2042651 51991000102
BurgisteinS G O GA OA836806706655 653183001634012646
Bürglen (TG)S G O GA OA96864623485138 5943743751402299
Bürglen (UR)S G O GA OA100885858757101 812196000071421
BüronS G O GA OA5559754052713 522322220048
BursinelS G O GA OA127881137340 1081910701305112
BursinsS G O GA OA1989619214250 17325136615014152
BurtignyS G O GA OA1603252943 431174141226047
BusenoS G O GA OA2291422 22270000022
BüsserachS G O GA OA9909392190516 87911187787720040917
BussignyS G O GA OA1392991380780600 1211181639171004123777
BussnangS G O GA OA76682633474159 577124424737411391
Busswil bei MelchnauS G O GA OA143941351323 1301301300304134
Bussy-sur-MoudonS G O GA OA885532 5820000000
Bütschwil-GanterschwilS G O GA OA1475851259119267 11303062924624102059404
BüttenhardtS G O GA OA151991501491 14560000134
BüttikonS G O GA OA2899828425259 28360102003
ButtisholzS G O GA OA7579874973019 7263044420312
ButtwilS G O GA OA3819937858320 37470100023
BuusS G O GA OA6396340536936 3892491501401327
CademarioS G O GA OA33921073 103290000000
CadempinoS G O GA OA3412752 43360100124
CadenazzoS G O GA OA763328235 217421111003317
CalancaS G O GA OA6266641836850 401225011031015
CamaS G O GA OA31620664026 592551000247
Campo (Vallemaggia)S G O GA OA0-101 000000011
CanobbioS G O GA OA510317116 154951313000215
CapriascaS G O GA OA2708514312122 13225751910182333
CarougeS G O GA OA147510415404491091 129714911161255135751071374
CartignyS G O GA OA28297276125151 25923255010012268
CaslanoS G O GA OA1195911088107018 9542410071313253
CastanedaS G O GA OA2381312 12370100023
Castel San PietroS G O GA OA85010873156 73777531021017
CazisS G O GA OA161560985742243 920685118110114881
Celerina/SchlarignaS G O GA OA8753631827345 239635647220236101
CélignyS G O GA OA2238519014446 1833216850003171
CentovalliS G O GA OA69720614381141297 56413144212863871
CerentinoS G O GA OA0-000 000000000
CevioS G O GA OA9364441634967 387548217216132415250
ChalaisS G O GA OA3297612042751967 164916251020471726251352
ChamS G O GA OA21958017617221039 1571624351501121718109744
ChamblonS G O GA OA179911631603 162170300069
ChamosonS G O GA OA281069195741953 185295822060186113
ChampagneS G O GA OA263872302255 236270003001040
ChampéryS G O GA OA11117786685511 8552564783011468
ChampozS G O GA OA184911691681 1651901014803151
ChamptaurozS G O GA OA752519136 18570002103
ChampventS G O GA OA2087716214319 17137000140115
ChancyS G O GA OA316103326138188 249662421610173318
Chapelle (Glâne)S G O GA OA1913770 01910000077
ChardonneS G O GA OA9518177570570 7002516833400065748
Château-d'OexS G O GA OA16051219415935 15814476372111017101
Châtel-Saint-DenisS G O GA OA3445873005298223 23661079525693655355503
Châtel-sur-MontsalvensS G O GA OA2391128280 1722211002912
Châtillon (FR)S G O GA OA3477827425024 264830120001022
Châtillon (JU)S G O GA OA263617161 162470200013
ChâtonnayeS G O GA OA414632632585 236178110002223
Chavannes-de-BogisS G O GA OA36792338140198 32245319100014333
Chavannes-des-BoisS G O GA OA26693248141107 2353120310048216
Chavannes-le-ChêneS G O GA OA1557812211111 11045010905014123
Chavannes-le-VeyronS G O GA OA5696541539 5420001001
Chavannes-près-RenensS G O GA OA349104366166200 274751974630071277
Chavannes-sur-MoudonS G O GA OA887264622 583000080614
ChavornayS G O GA OA10728288987712 77427616161362117145
Chêne-BougeriesS G O GA OA19759418591538321 16083471505334192301746
Chêne-BourgS G O GA OA91596879556323 8001016222415157683
ChénensS G O GA OA458813743740 372860000022
Chêne-PâquierS G O GA OA647045450 4024040000747
Cheseaux-NoréazS G O GA OA291892602546 2415034003403771
Cheseaux-sur-LausanneS G O GA OA6507549044743 452198699420514142
ChéserexS G O GA OA3589433929247 328309210307100
ChesselS G O GA OA1389813611422 13350000022
ChevillyS G O GA OA1056770 31020000044
ChevrouxS G O GA OA3081136342 2028811007816
ChexbresS G O GA OA46773342228114 30416110644117228148
Cheyres-ChâblesS G O GA OA2106631333996337 12408579171002545
ChiassoS G O GA OA11042629398195 19191355594002691
ChignyS G O GA OA9883824339 435542202102880
ChippisS G O GA OA4557032118303 28916400301913
ChoulexS G O GA OA33410033727463 30130254200035289
ChurS G O GA OA576812471556738417 527747220192554117651852
ChurwaldenS G O GA OA158764102994089 9056564251135294154
ClarmontS G O GA OA874413 3840010001
Clos du DoubsS G O GA OA122229355188167 321854273111401962
CœuveS G O GA OA434523203 13421010001011
CoinsinsS G O GA OA1719115710057 1492214400206150
ColdrerioS G O GA OA682323716 156670120136
Collex-BossyS G O GA OA4289842240418 4052040012400018419
Collina d'OroS G O GA OA16522483513 3515941318005631
Collombey-MurazS G O GA OA22099521182001117 20611222216913469
Collonge-BelleriveS G O GA OA23228920881275813 18734251614135011911807
CollongesS G O GA OA4107430525253 28425000002121
ColognyS G O GA OA1101981087763324 9918177124215082858
ComanoS G O GA OA676749472 346422229108643
CommugnyS G O GA OA8928071963188 5913015545000125680
Comunanza Cadenazzo/MonteceneriS G O GA OA0-000 000000000
Comunanza Capriasca/LuganoS G O GA OA0-000 000000000
ConciseS G O GA OA3539232630224 3272600290415
ConfignonS G O GA OA82898819547272 738877313710071802
Conters im PrättigauS G O GA OA19952105996 61936660098104
ContheyS G O GA OA3442782706262680 2260117424262001254295
CoppetS G O GA OA81989731527204 64617363614213071708
CorbeyrierS G O GA OA3099830329013 295140030126
CorbièresS G O GA OA789439327 337560110204
Corcelles (BE)S G O GA OA197681341313 1128500089021110
Corcelles-le-JoratS G O GA OA1811427207 241575500038
Corcelles-près-ConciseS G O GA OA154831291281 1421209811803101
Corcelles-près-PayerneS G O GA OA651642357 406111522100226
CorgémontS G O GA OA963888548522 82114201499026128
CorminboeufS G O GA OA12793503317 38124123000710
CormoretS G O GA OA391843303273 32170000170623
CornauxS G O GA OA34431284 83360111025
CornolS G O GA OA5971276715 705271010000313
CorseauxS G O GA OA5699151947742 453116400200164465
Corsier (GE)S G O GA OA57188506363143 4759147447500030505
Corsier-sur-VeveyS G O GA OA6226540533867 3262962853724169358
CortaillodS G O GA OA1008101066937 8892015214231543
CortébertS G O GA OA468894204173 403650016611583
CossonayS G O GA OA6949264156081 6128140525420223552
Cottens (FR)S G O GA OA7425843140229 403339040310021424
CourchapoixS G O GA OA3020312 23000000011
CourchavonS G O GA OA240791901855 171691404610011152
CourgenayS G O GA OA1281685814 7912022021030426
CourgevauxS G O GA OA12142935533223 101883485100682121
CourrendlinS G O GA OA16383457355716 5141111182022943984
CourrouxS G O GA OA1490121921848 177131330340103955
CourtS G O GA OA10826369167417 6504324423503778
CourtedouxS G O GA OA4900413 34870000011
CourtelaryS G O GA OA948837957905 786162000930699
CourtepinS G O GA OA37419360212148 27934071414131252672
CourtételleS G O GA OA1266456497 3912270011531231
Crans-MontanaS G O GA OA50758141381933945 3797119330484586113183
Crans (VD)S G O GA OA71985612488124 492225441450200112562
CrassierS G O GA OA30197292187105 2782023450809244
CréminesS G O GA OA469612882817 276193212280940
Cressier (FR)S G O GA OA49919957421 9240705050111
Cressier (NE)S G O GA OA50815786711 744342252540355
CrésuzS G O GA OA4151550 44110000101
CrissierS G O GA OA1378931292778514 118619285818160271945
CronayS G O GA OA148861281271 9652161903347
CroyS G O GA OA152761179522 11339001002627
CuarnensS G O GA OA179841526983 142370105039
CuarnyS G O GA OA111961071025 10560003014
CudrefinS G O GA OA7968266063921 6131830231906084
Cugnasco-GerraS G O GA OA1380348453 4213372637030543
CugyS G O GA OA62393582449133 52796517122050223
Cugy (FR)S G O GA OA10775624913 5910183539100140
CuregliaS G O GA OA41821091 44143310329
CurioS G O GA OA3548229123952 28371112140522
CurtillesS G O GA OA1241823230 221021006018
DachsenS G O GA OA60298594424170 58517112230632
DägerlenS G O GA OA3789435927287 35226811020316
DagmersellenS G O GA OA1240861078101761 102119433701317213102
DaillensS G O GA OA28788254149105 248390010045
DallenwilS G O GA OA56410056755413 5461814210914
DällikonS G O GA OA652101659353306 6411132220211
DalpeS G O GA OA3510220 23490000000
Damphreux-LugnezS G O GA OA3171532 33143302025
DänikenS G O GA OA110196106410559 10386370373240022754
DänikonS G O GA OA423933973952 39033138002704384
DardagnyS G O GA OA3109529694202 23473224300056281
DärligenS G O GA OA389943683671 364250000033
DärstettenS G O GA OA998878728702 8661321119504101
DättlikonS G O GA OA2988826317984 249491902330039245
DavosS G O GA OA34215619191614305 16591712192735460968822
DegersheimS G O GA OA1142971116932184 105765191985002898
Deisswil bei MünchenbuchseeS G O GA OA866153530 51350510470253
DeitingenS G O GA OA1263821043849194 9872769799723260411022
DelémontS G O GA OA38473815001334166 1317253047648213315135643
Delley-PortalbanS G O GA OA1055131431421 1409156771000273
DémoretS G O GA OA6288554510 49130000044
DenensS G O GA OA21561495 92060100405
DengesS G O GA OA35692331141190 30848297302313313
DensbürenS G O GA OA31870225118107 21110760145419
DerendingenS G O GA OA204710621781433745 199255195419541701582112
DevelierS G O GA OA7339735419 71662110170220
DiegtenS G O GA OA97361603339264 594379021200325
DielsdorfS G O GA OA10483839932772 3387109315451110171
DiemtigenS G O GA OA2276871991196427 189438113163207192
DiepflingenS G O GA OA3537727520570 269840000066
DiepoldsauS G O GA OA17919717441496248 1678113125015664
DierikonS G O GA OA22010122421014 208121120047
Diessbach bei BürenS G O GA OA5488948845632 47078044000011451
DiessenhofenS G O GA OA93993881691190 859805533101150
DietikonS G O GA OA2870103297217171255 27051651783189425911142055
DietlikonS G O GA OA16667813101076234 120346213413970314162
DietwilS G O GA OA3129931084226 30651212000315
DinhardS G O GA OA5957243034783 4191762602621707275
DintikonS G O GA OA54910155647977 53910771001321
Disentis/MustérS G O GA OA11118999695145 599512138900364410
DittingenS G O GA OA4981633 34950000011
DizyS G O GA OA8666571641 55310010001
Domat/EmsS G O GA OA16651021699167326 166051193102442
DomleschgS G O GA OA169731528420108 52111102432452357257
Dompierre (VD)S G O GA OA113901029012 102110000000
DonneloyeS G O GA OA327812682680 257703250901350
DoppleschwandS G O GA OA213982092063 20490000022
DorénazS G O GA OA444592622611 223221001003738
DorfS G O GA OA2519423714691 2302120220211126217
DörflingenS G O GA OA397983933885 385120000156
DornachS G O GA OA22871032361227487 21601271986199661701322128
DottikonS G O GA OA787104819150669 76223189410139135
DöttingenS G O GA OA92210395373880 90517661022433
DotzigenS G O GA OA6678557156110 5551121012201419
DozwilS G O GA OA2239020217824 199240000022
Drei HöfeS G O GA OA4548840339112 3826237737756011388
DübendorfS G O GA OA395897385227041148 347448216561716170311181888
DüdingenS G O GA OA33494414853861099 13981951139062746
DuggingenS G O GA OA9282624622719 2486801311341011138
DuillierS G O GA OA2789325921247 229495900011878
DullikenS G O GA OA15511031609159613 149952142314563201031560
DullyS G O GA OA2089620012278 183251822114015197
DürntenS G O GA OA29008023312153178 22146865820580966289
DürrenäschS G O GA OA474104493160333 46680451001965
DürrenrothS G O GA OA8878474973514 7271603133165013111
EbikonS G O GA OA21711012194209599 207096886812142
Ebnat-KappelS G O GA OA1760951681165031 1390370484662371277546
EchallensS G O GA OA12731001279851428 11371367278664465218
EchandensS G O GA OA6618959054842 558103515636223541
EcharlensS G O GA OA46610483414 464203536001138
EchichensS G O GA OA7543828836252 250478239228173220266
EclépensS G O GA OA319929227 222972200079
EcublensS G O GA OA1212951157719438 926286358908614491291089
Ecublens (FR)S G O GA OA263515141 142490110102
EderswilerS G O GA OA2223068662 641472323070124
EgerkingenS G O GA OA10671051125105174 1001669079091018069981
EggS G O GA OA190310019174871430 186043310510290221085
EggenwilS G O GA OA34089305204101 28159001002223
EggerbergS G O GA OA168113112 1060000011
EggersrietS G O GA OA78195748613135 72358231203317227
EggiwilS G O GA OA2175781715170015 166051410115541133581
EglisauS G O GA OA134155740566174 680661224270410038316
EgliswilS G O GA OA48699482381101 45432571001827
EgnachS G O GA OA18938115401315225 14574294911982472428343
EgolzwilS G O GA OA3747427823444 2701042162280415240
EhrendingenS G O GA OA11541001158111840 108763638240224410
EichS G O GA OA4351004354296 42584302027
EichbergS G O GA OA5419652349231 5073410150511
EikenS G O GA OA6652416650116 14751700330915
EinsiedelnS G O GA OA38625922831972311 190619268012639519133345
EischollS G O GA OA962494804800 4505126010002585
EistenS G O GA OA3730110 13720000000
ElggS G O GA OA12779412081076132 117610094120054111192
Ellikon an der ThurS G O GA OA317491561488 149168888815013106
ElsauS G O GA OA1105981089103257 105451473484224016524
EmbdS G O GA OA5260110 05260000011
EmbrachS G O GA OA17221282218214771 163289109138903525675
EmmenS G O GA OA344410034503182268 3131278149215863441111131759
EmmettenS G O GA OA6219660058218 5744712230914
EndingenS G O GA OA811100814519295 80820400138
EngelbergS G O GA OA16011001605154164 152153649411736
EngesS G O GA OA1111517143 16953103015
EnnetbadenS G O GA OA882100882546336 815679310510049157
EnnetbürgenS G O GA OA87910289887424 86019012211722
EnnetmoosS G O GA OA491924554523 448433304129
EntlebuchS G O GA OA7739976975613 73827223001318
ÉpalingesS G O GA OA17667713611197164 97079622859401366620
Ependes (VD)S G O GA OA137941299633 127100501016
Eppenberg-WöschnauS G O GA OA15410816715611 13717757600026102
EpsachS G O GA OA245721781753 17570000121215
EptingenS G O GA OA3674617214725 16520200080412
ErgischS G O GA OA0-404 000000044
EriswilS G O GA OA926898278198 81511001117305180
ErizS G O GA OA627724554514 44418361120407123
ErlachS G O GA OA6868860657729 5811057131111128
ErlenS G O GA OA10644346341251 40753433836211052
Erlenbach im SimmentalS G O GA OA1610871405138619 13722382104534014550
Erlenbach (ZH)S G O GA OA12659712351028207 12105521210200111221
Erlinsbach (AG)S G O GA OA126533428273155 390875428910217308
Erlinsbach (SO)S G O GA OA1315991302123864 122095117311801500691251
ErmatingenS G O GA OA10368992984386 8661508710801937
ErmenseeS G O GA OA3059629370223 2812400030710
ErnenS G O GA OA12297795485995 937292350352213713419
ErschwilS G O GA OA534955125048 48252471470018019490
ErsigenS G O GA OA1194881056100749 1000148262724180652
ErstfeldS G O GA OA10339497693442 948851110046
Eschenbach (LU)S G O GA OA7489471069614 6905864690701083
Eschenbach (SG)S G O GA OA27439726642495169 24262081081806471052337
EschenzS G O GA OA6635536831553 34631741220041157
EschertS G O GA OA268962592581 255130000033
EschlikonS G O GA OA11701021194905289 11561444311311058
Escholzmatt-MarbachS G O GA OA1275901154112925 1110161511801925
Essertines-sur-RolleS G O GA OA22841957718 88140784000785
Essertines-sur-YverdonS G O GA OA33094313196117 2983201210913
EstavayerS G O GA OA47107234062999407 3138152964865034029156844
EtagnièresS G O GA OA247641591527 144103000001111
EtoyS G O GA OA67587589264325 555115545366119567
EttingenS G O GA OA18321935133417 3391493194198301338253
EttiswilS G O GA OA64710065263814 6171933401712
EtzikenS G O GA OA5158343037456 41510041541500014429
EvilardS G O GA OA11468496894622 9342124152301230
EvionnazS G O GA OA4339641636353 39340000101819
EvolèneS G O GA OA27183596794819 9091788100398236540447
EysinsS G O GA OA29090261145116 20288199308053252
FahrniS G O GA OA548734013983 397151039704304401
FahrwangenS G O GA OA652100657346311 642100000044
FahyS G O GA OA3392379718 772627373020175
FaidoS G O GA OA26331131326746 262234917195492961
FaleraS G O GA OA5845834430242 3252591313007828
FällandenS G O GA OA23966616021191411 15598351321587141920218
FaougS G O GA OA371461721675 1672040000055
FarnernS G O GA OA220821811774 1744681060318
FéchyS G O GA OA27310228118695 26492535429011265
FehraltorfS G O GA OA1064991058100949 9798534416312983
FehrenS G O GA OA304982982926 2861826025905010270
Felben-WellhausenS G O GA OA7297353351419 50522444945040215471
Feldbrunnen-St. NiklausS G O GA OA310110341202139 2951528329500039334
FelsbergS G O GA OA66514798196219 664160000311317
FerdenS G O GA OA14707998811 014000009595
FerenbalmS G O GA OA8278873171615 7161115712901047
FerpiclozS G O GA OA1872440 41830100001
FerreraS G O GA OA2112452493 5206222004648
FerreyresS G O GA OA12876983959 97310000011
FétignyS G O GA OA552213130 155379900009
FeuerthalenS G O GA OA83889749589160 705132123122201310148
FeusisbergS G O GA OA1193951141566575 10609065105250015123
FeyS G O GA OA2301321 22270000011
FiderisS G O GA OA550212102 454633100811
FieschS G O GA OA8817768163942 62625358358405334623
FieschertalS G O GA OA4171980791 34383141454321063
FiezS G O GA OA149841261260 1292000080210
FinhautS G O GA OA24841055 92396601018
FinsterhennenS G O GA OA306882712692 2654100250310
FischbachS G O GA OA190981881862 18640000000
Fischbach-GöslikonS G O GA OA450994483445 44552200068
FischenthalS G O GA OA929103964821143 7112182162703735224527
FischingenS G O GA OA93295887702185 8567656610611886
FisibachS G O GA OA15810316412152 14216000202123
FislisbachS G O GA OA1083971061706355 10225855255290226585
FlaachS G O GA OA54491500339161 48163123280215013308
FläschS G O GA OA28215443741720 280277000149157
FlawilS G O GA OA209310021031638465 203062882004858
FlerdenS G O GA OA14671192 71391000045
FlimsS G O GA OA1456871269120960 112932729714203106824
FlüelenS G O GA OA4869546340558 439470120013
FlühliS G O GA OA1152981139112910 11232559411013
FlumenthalS G O GA OA43810546442737 39939389388014058447
FlumsS G O GA OA21827416231408215 15806025215513533270
FlurlingenS G O GA OA46593437309128 426391211000517
Fontaines-sur-GrandsonS G O GA OA687048453 50180000011
FontenaisS G O GA OA977454424375 4105670103202760
Forel (Lavaux)S G O GA OA5675531529619 31625039391450890
Forst-LängenbühlS G O GA OA519743863851 3821372189138202384
FounexS G O GA OA96491885764121 7522127202101123844
FräschelsS G O GA OA3301137361 352952830001031
FraubrunnenS G O GA OA28358524272148279 221341010310510156016178
FrauenfeldS G O GA OA542091497634901486 46667544073406519071344235
FrauenkappelenS G O GA OA5848650847830 490941627116105192
FreienbachS G O GA OA30569127852369416 2683372193721687132992283
Freienstein-TeufenS G O GA OA74012592891216 6111092218710351275490
FreienwilS G O GA OA3307926217290 255759211404015132
FreimettigenS G O GA OA235741761742 17164021570158
FrenkendorfS G O GA OA17783613229 5217261618121425
Fribourg - FreiburgS G O GA OA579356326422521012 29282865211343234217154586
FrickS G O GA OA1266931180111466 10571846941006486
FroidevilleS G O GA OA6218854750542 480141111007779
FrutigenS G O GA OA4796914399431584 4241539111211467078567
FulenbachS G O GA OA848978248213 7836571471420040754
FüllinsdorfS G O GA OA177271328745 9416781072321227
Full-ReuenthalS G O GA OA36410036426338 349151200158
FullyS G O GA OA3783762910422868 2645113500907184200
FurnaS G O GA OA2623871 32592200406
FürstenauS G O GA OA147971438657 13412410152425
GächlingenS G O GA OA36489327143184 3164756251100565
GachnangS G O GA OA1259871101951150 1052207165168130126198
GaisS G O GA OA11203337328291 33478646473232477
GaiserwaldS G O GA OA18499717971455342 1711138211230370114
GalgenenS G O GA OA1185941115801314 1053132103119312810160
GalsS G O GA OA556814534512 44211300190818
GambarognoS G O GA OA40312187382152 77228672742866660745402
Gampel-BratschS G O GA OA13379249344152 31011100410411
GampelenS G O GA OA624845275207 5081162143301048
GamsS G O GA OA11771720518322 1849922121168537
GansingenS G O GA OA35119701456 652861301038
GebenstorfS G O GA OA12751021306343963 123045111116101825160
GelterkindenS G O GA OA26696818381480358 17848853503422768
GeltwilS G O GA OA668355496 51150203139
GempenS G O GA OA46810147445717 45117310310153018330
GenèveS G O GA OA98971071060830207588 86201112525556152230278456519
GenolierS G O GA OA65391598428170 560935304421034565
GenthodS G O GA OA854988398372 7945878469200039823
GerlafingenS G O GA OA156410215961025571 14857914341434100801515
GeroldswilS G O GA OA92583774451323 8755077277312020795
GersauS G O GA OA7729069866929 660109110101921
GerzenseeS G O GA OA6688154553015 1465400001660166
GeuenseeS G O GA OA561995605519 5441247100311
GiblouxS G O GA OA42441046242537 4233770210450428139
GiebenachS G O GA OA4801155532 504301919100121
GiezS G O GA OA151941431394 14470002002
GiffersS G O GA OA8955751149912 509386111001315
GillyS G O GA OA41892386244142 363542948222018324
GimelS G O GA OA519741365 394802425211028
GinginsS G O GA OA42291388282106 3764631700018326
GiornicoS G O GA OA4149401129 2339120230011438
Gipf-OberfrickS G O GA OA9959594892820 89993761403547
GisikonS G O GA OA3166420515253 19012615515508011174
GiswilS G O GA OA1241991238121820 119150113201824
GivisiezS G O GA OA839141228240 797603421612548
GivrinsS G O GA OA3308929623462 28248278400012290
GlandS G O GA OA15329114071291116 11923401381110225187351
GlarusS G O GA OA45219945124172340 4199131771048651036195
Glarus NordS G O GA OA738810074166624792 670712127030025532041380
Glarus SüdS G O GA OA82649377197357362 662459532623683322270512427
GlattfeldenS G O GA OA12232530927336 2649597317830142223
GletterensS G O GA OA822494084071 375447005003136
GoldachS G O GA OA17489817271298429 166583344203141
GollionS G O GA OA24097235118117 230100000145
GommiswaldS G O GA OA17787112741169105 1196542193041276026386
GomsS G O GA OA141414320331848185 117923553550068181179
GondiswilS G O GA OA598895345313 513850007301891
GontenS G O GA OA11204854751928 5305909092100699
GontenschwilS G O GA OA74310175524731 7083431262813873
GordolaS G O GA OA1693357516 4216512220239
GöschenenS G O GA OA182921698188 149330011111225
Gossau (SG)S G O GA OA30619930452174871 290215911265153558343
Gossau (ZH)S G O GA OA2386972320224971 21542171362147913621061590
GottliebenS G O GA OA889786779 75131110035
GoumoënsS G O GA OA35094332188144 31732023040633
GrabenS G O GA OA2538020317924 19855000560561
GrabsS G O GA OA24772666060654 58918885284242129140
GrächenS G O GA OA0-4574507 00000044404448
GranciaS G O GA OA18229541539 53129000251026
GrancyS G O GA OA1512538380 381130009009
GrandcourS G O GA OA3427024254188 672756704501371
GrandeventS G O GA OA978280800 83140000011
GrandfontaineS G O GA OA3690202 03690000022
GrandsonS G O GA OA9249688979990 857674511304059
GrandvalS G O GA OA328812662633 25870110340540
GrandvillardS G O GA OA7183525621640 22249666661023099
Granges-PaccotS G O GA OA89537337218119 3045911524502281
Granges (Veveyse)S G O GA OA533426233 245091921101123
GrangettesS G O GA OA1495380800 80690000000
GränichenS G O GA OA21239921131686427 207152453612237
GravesanoS G O GA OA4140220 24120010001
GreifenseeS G O GA OA67310872970722 62151610920095206
GrellingenS G O GA OA890219154 178726600017
GrenchenS G O GA OA4408103454134071134 42121964068406981522814360
GrengS G O GA OA1372636342 25112000001111
GrengiolsS G O GA OA909222022002 6484519181009127155
GrensS G O GA OA109961057530 901989003014103
GreppenS G O GA OA326933063042 302240000011
GretzenbachS G O GA OA11491021173113142 111534822821118046868
GrimisuatS G O GA OA1203104126271255 1177262161107593
GrindelS G O GA OA251952402391 2282322722705011238
GrindelwaldS G O GA OA4813854124406955 39668472107482101169
GrolleyS G O GA OA1006338317 289780000527
GrôneS G O GA OA208096201012009 197810233102802566
GronoS G O GA OA7686501733 486970011013
GrossaffolternS G O GA OA1848831550145397 15293197274190959
GrossdietwilS G O GA OA2598622320419 20729001240732
GrosshöchstettenS G O GA OA1821791454143816 1415387121211100830
GrosswangenS G O GA OA7359772070713 645894100106171
Grub (AR)S G O GA OA348351231149 1102381240005349
GrüningenS G O GA OA9369993191021 5324041593180381417
GrüschS G O GA OA121891109119 10311156969000574
GruyèresS G O GA OA16523862959570 556109651652116748580
GryonS G O GA OA1343991333131518 1312312111001225
GsteigS G O GA OA1310961266125313 122585368300028711
GsteigwilerS G O GA OA472753543531 34912300134904353
GuggisbergS G O GA OA1874851603157429 156530925715651301596
GündlischwandS G O GA OA404722922893 277127000148013161
GünsbergS G O GA OA57510158655927 54332541543032041584
GunzgenS G O GA OA665102680573107 63233454542104592
GurbrüS G O GA OA196771521520 15046000280230
GurmelsS G O GA OA2811451283121271 121715813162014057
GurtnellenS G O GA OA4561004584571 434314141410216
GurzelenS G O GA OA528824354350 415113001349020369
GuttannenS G O GA OA5938852551411 50984000100818
Guttet-FeschelS G O GA OA4830000 04830000000
GüttingenS G O GA OA5468044239943 4361102626120433
GyS G O GA OA152921416180 1282212700009136
HabkernS G O GA OA1195738798754 86832799040821
HabsburgS G O GA OA14610014711730 14510000011
HäfelfingenS G O GA OA202531099712 10696001130014
HagenbuchS G O GA OA636744754669 46517111284114508426
HägendorfS G O GA OA182310218651726139 176062169116923490931786
HäggenschwilS G O GA OA3779736930564 36611000630265
HägglingenS G O GA OA82999827145682 7943560590012384
HagneckS G O GA OA246822042022 20145140110116
HallauS G O GA OA86893813398415 7561124165545050471
HallwilS G O GA OA31110031326350 28625672002029
Hallwilersee (AG)S G O GA OA1127321 1100000202
HaltenS G O GA OA36910338236517 3412833733700040377
HärkingenS G O GA OA7219468163150 6556555856159019585
Hasle bei BurgdorfS G O GA OA2101781642162121 1592509869835280231073
Hasle (LU)S G O GA OA4939547145120 461321657060259
HaslibergS G O GA OA218184183518278 180138016192012648
Hauenstein-IfenthalS G O GA OA2488421019515 195532719511709204
Hauptwil-GottshausS G O GA OA6142213910237 1314813345052050
Hausen (AG)S G O GA OA80198791549242 77625312650009275
Hausen am AlbisS G O GA OA116499115311449 11352925270391969
Haute-AjoieS G O GA OA9972525022228 2427521151153302118
HautemorgesS G O GA OA12293452421 371178412311619
HauteriveS G O GA OA4204318114239 1722471061230139135
HauteriveS G O GA OA13401115813919 1411199340011318
Haute-SorneS G O GA OA35311245137972 388310623021861481236333
HautevilleS G O GA OA6020440 35990000011
Haut-IntyamonS G O GA OA16561118515332 174148226041517
HäutligenS G O GA OA204982011992 320101001270128
HedingenS G O GA OA96810096992742 9412714514811018168
HefenhofenS G O GA OA44993421316105 4133624120310
HeidenS G O GA OA12774658955930 56271455241820
HeiligenschwendiS G O GA OA576704063979 39518100021106217
HeimbergS G O GA OA2241711595153362 131392889577250114451055
HeimenhausenS G O GA OA7148560958722 56311623332071546
HeimiswilS G O GA OA141477109510932 1075339334701630
HeitenriedS G O GA OA7373022419925 2185190100045
HellikonS G O GA OA3139931227537 3011200121610
HellsauS G O GA OA153831271243 123300003003
HemishofenS G O GA OA2059018515332 183224103015
HemmikenS G O GA OA218591301228 12593000230427
HendschikenS G O GA OA40297391135256 3782495980314103
HenggartS G O GA OA5879656954227 55037770011119
HenniezS G O GA OA122861057035 104180001012
HerbetswilS G O GA OA377923493436 33047307307055016324
HerbligenS G O GA OA349792782744 534445001160121
HerdernS G O GA OA395562252196 21418137370100652
HérémenceS G O GA OA21961012234182216 2166188891005170
Hergiswil bei WillisauS G O GA OA3351003363279 3269020100214
Hergiswil (NW)S G O GA OA977103101097535 952253232011135
HerisauS G O GA OA43834821201972148 200523789171052808771143
HermanceS G O GA OA40191368258110 33951329200222354
HermenchesS G O GA OA1620110 11610000000
HermrigenS G O GA OA2657921119417 205600202048
HerrlibergS G O GA OA15859314781240238 1405180283012268101
HersbergS G O GA OA2107014913316 147630102003
Herznach-UekenS G O GA OA78234272159113 24952343434601159
HerzogenbuchseeS G O GA OA30158726322476156 250151424289102868
HettlingenS G O GA OA91795875694181 8506718514136013172
HildisriedenS G O GA OA525975145059 504212000035
HilterfingenS G O GA OA1830801478146513 14503801091001728
HimmelriedS G O GA OA50110251349221 46139435437042044482
HindelbankS G O GA OA11028190187328 88921313015502302176
HinwilS G O GA OA27278924542151303 22554724674802305104607
HirschthalS G O GA OA5019849442767 4772421200812
HittnauS G O GA OA105580848554294 79226375776710140809
HitzkirchS G O GA OA16451011671163338 15524220273233147113
HochdorfS G O GA OA15721001575153045 150060121512001434
HochfeldenS G O GA OA486105512276236 45828110405055
HöchstettenS G O GA OA203881801773 175281101024
HochwaldS G O GA OA6891027056978 66623362362020032394
Hofstetten bei BrienzS G O GA OA670946356314 6254503111612
Hofstetten-FlühS G O GA OA14991011526144284 13951001385138911701191508
HohenrainS G O GA OA7119970969613 684151213920621
HohentannenS G O GA OA2511027243 272191313010013
HolderbankS G O GA OA3209129420292 2754512513610018155
Holderbank (SO)S G O GA OA3829737435222 34339313335034028363
HölsteinS G O GA OA1161809319247 88627530116012767
HolzikenS G O GA OA3459934428856 33114000001111
HombergS G O GA OA361762762697 2728902710700271
HombrechtikonS G O GA OA20249920081826182 187115347664321092204
HomburgS G O GA OA5864526825612 2623247778150282
HonauS G O GA OA114911041031 101130010023
HorgenS G O GA OA540577421026821528 39301447232246232826153462
HöriS G O GA OA58814847410 71517314100923
HornS G O GA OA5107840039010 3781324191001536
Horrenbach-BuchenS G O GA OA348792772761 26979046000854
HorriwilS G O GA OA4009839434648 3752537137108017388
HorwS G O GA OA22829321352006129 204423616623929423276
HospentalS G O GA OA1181031221202 11440000055
HubersdorfS G O GA OA3231033333267 3121131131100020331
HundwilS G O GA OA4601883794 783823636041341
HünenbergS G O GA OA161040648535113 5701040267282380652392
HünikenS G O GA OA709164595 59115655000561
HüntwangenS G O GA OA429522184 1741288120111
HunzenschwilS G O GA OA94110094886682 89544888002945
HüttikonS G O GA OA31397304188116 300131101216
HüttlingenS G O GA OA318421344292 1201785558301261
HuttwilS G O GA OA2548922349228168 2254294593004254
HüttwilenS G O GA OA6567449145932 448171519021036101
IcogneS G O GA OA5248947115456 44084061002229
IffwilS G O GA OA275762092081 2076800020701208
Ilanz/GlionS G O GA OA23013991882296 77714152682662181152433
IllgauS G O GA OA726950500 452740075016
Illnau-EffretikonS G O GA OA32079831552827328 289126628261436881137834
IndenS G O GA OA2430220 22410000000
IngenbohlS G O GA OA149610015041174330 14356189454427102
InkwilS G O GA OA468833903855 3828600120811
InnerthalS G O GA OA149981471398 143612070110
InnertkirchenS G O GA OA2176851864185014 182435200372128103
InsS G O GA OA1696861475145421 143825813092113108
InterlakenS G O GA OA1968861706167531 164931852071532670
InwilS G O GA OA52810053351815 5131544200410
IpsachS G O GA OA113084957782175 93519500200810
IseltwaldS G O GA OA858887607582 5752820003500183533
IsenthalS G O GA OA2401012432412 23820000044
IsérablesS G O GA OA5241035402538 52041212040925
IslisbergS G O GA OA1751021791772 17500002046
IsoneS G O GA OA221717125 162050002103
ItingenS G O GA OA101074756521235 7512592322170429
IttigenS G O GA OA25139423702220150 1384112916183033429383
JabergS G O GA OA199761521493 11188010066067
JaunS G O GA OA1058101099118 1009581719102224
JegenstorfS G O GA OA21488919231487436 1843263223328182113209
JenazS G O GA OA619573543459 3422771517000724
JeninsS G O GA OA32215249247319 316622020167171
JensS G O GA OA4727535832335 352120000160218
JonenS G O GA OA64296618107511 616263940102043
JongnyS G O GA OA57486498375123 450124364300044409
JonschwilS G O GA OA10671011080873207 102129116115002589
Jorat-MenthueS G O GA OA518402112110 166343153504253
Jorat-MézièresS G O GA OA9038796217 647923255901448
Jouxtens-MézeryS G O GA OA50186432226206 40893257410118276
JuriensS G O GA OA11390102948 99140000022
JussyS G O GA OA325100327199128 29426290010030321
KaiseraugstS G O GA OA82569573197376 5043173460281351
KaistenS G O GA OA9112119978121 1877231515061525
KallernS G O GA OA143931339124 126170000055
KallnachS G O GA OA142983119011855 1146251191872021112220
KaltbrunnS G O GA OA1157921073101855 1017140156181252033259
KammersrohrS G O GA OA2510025250 232171000219
KandergrundS G O GA OA1013818248186 6863277815510430196
KanderstegS G O GA OA1315951253120350 447868390030335347
KänerkindenS G O GA OA3147925022624 2486614140160028
Kappel am AlbisS G O GA OA439984334285 42316000200828
KappelenS G O GA OA7718666861553 624147120013336
Kappel (SO)S G O GA OA10191011035880155 97544968969160491018
KaufdorfS G O GA OA625835235185 5171080020024
KehrsatzS G O GA OA1300931211115061 42687447002653275
KemmentalS G O GA OA10115758354538 56644422341001348
KernenriedS G O GA OA296822432403 2375900160411
KernsS G O GA OA15631332080205624 15144645500536546
KerzersS G O GA OA208851118031 91199765119321
KesswilS G O GA OA3798934130437 32455330001417
KestenholzS G O GA OA82310183481618 78835749749124040789
KienbergS G O GA OA270631721666 160110000601016
KiesenS G O GA OA443893953887 7337012121111117
Kilchberg (BL)S G O GA OA10871776710 7533041050046
Kilchberg (ZH)S G O GA OA15589014061115291 13582006011039722661110
KillwangenS G O GA OA49291448119329 4494313513430010145
KippelS G O GA OA436351561524 8035617100270143
Kirchberg (BE)S G O GA OA21819019831533450 191226938633195044297
Kirchberg (SG)S G O GA OA23408419771542435 1923416158180422033238
Kirchdorf (BE)S G O GA OA1181849949859 95821610157419121449
KirchleerauS G O GA OA3081063273252 25553001706775
KirchlindachS G O GA OA15438513151167148 1297246001492961
KleinandelfingenS G O GA OA7828365060050 62813426626899011282
KleinbösingenS G O GA OA412381601600 1592530000000
KleinlützelS G O GA OA744997417329 700446706701170037713
KlingnauS G O GA OA1084971059296763 101763561013038
KlostersS G O GA OA25973798688997 88016911784011502528460
KlotenS G O GA OA23579823151699616 2075282107311201859221491306
KnonauS G O GA OA88359526277249 51836559621530671
KnutwilS G O GA OA577985675616 558190120036
KoblenzS G O GA OA471102483329154 45614001001516
KöllikenS G O GA OA13709713291162167 127590774103849
KönizS G O GA OA11450961104910295754 36417809257539151178421997
KonolfingenS G O GA OA2391831997197918 1948443248403034443
KoppigenS G O GA OA116190105196487 929232361602336
Kradolf-SchönenbergS G O GA OA9583534127269 32862157611014370
KrattigenS G O GA OA7498564462717 6181311127411391
KrauchthalS G O GA OA1441811174112945 115728413921118011509
KreuzlingenS G O GA OA36009935943457137 340419639180479110
KriechenwilS G O GA OA315953012974 298170005038
KriegstettenS G O GA OA55710156546798 5322553053010025555
KriensS G O GA OA36759334193149270 32334425785871013093719
KüblisS G O GA OA4072291829 873201211011316
KüntenS G O GA OA5089850189412 4981096930005101
Küsnacht (ZH)S G O GA OA44566931152940175 298014761527106802782860
Küssnacht (SZ)S G O GA OA268810227642649115 2661263115212945
KüttigenS G O GA OA180534631423208 593120954591032992
LaaxS G O GA OA10729198093545 84622620789500110902
La BarocheS G O GA OA9933030628224 274719132132110616164
L'AbbayeS G O GA OA5919858456717 53259115281150335
L'AbergementS G O GA OA1018990900 90110007018
La BrévineS G O GA OA3024714212814 137165020450248
La BrillazS G O GA OA1101445396 431058119010121
Lac de Morat (VD)S G O GA OA0-000 000000000
Lac de Neuchâtel (FR)S G O GA OA90000 090000000
Lac de Neuchâtel (NE)S G O GA OA0-101 000000011
Lac de Neuchâtel (VD)S G O GA OA0-101 000000011
La Chaux (Cossonay)S G O GA OA151961454897 1391201090414
La Chaux-de-FondsS G O GA OA64458957515334417 36362809596607244033025161754
La Chaux-du-MilieuS G O GA OA169641091018 9277060501526
LachenS G O GA OA1352901221882339 1132220914211492220496
LaconnexS G O GA OA2138618562123 1753316000707168
La Côte-aux-FéesS G O GA OA194621228735 120743111110113
La FerrièreS G O GA OA437793493427 320117331177324207
Lago di LuganoS G O GA OA1620062062 01000055358
Lago Maggiore (TI)S G O GA OA1600606 010000066
La Grande-BérocheS G O GA OA26461027322449 142245136611314512122
Lajoux (JU)S G O GA OA4816330728027 29318839390619379
LaldenS G O GA OA0-550 000000055
LamoneS G O GA OA44621082 94371100102
LampenbergS G O GA OA369823053023 280899231731949
LancyS G O GA OA21849821591351808 18093441364800162602421690
LandiswilS G O GA OA543884804773 46776130467011478
LandquartS G O GA OA1700991690164149 102167326555110643712
La NeuvevilleS G O GA OA1429901295126926 1266163260190732
LangenbruckS G O GA OA6813322517946 2144671652282247
LangendorfS G O GA OA11181091229808421 106949106010611411141176
LangenthalS G O GA OA56749453525162190 506161036322775289222
Langnau am AlbisS G O GA OA15659915595451014 15283715312900125183
Langnau im EmmentalS G O GA OA4347813562350161 3478868228616403331700
LangrickenbachS G O GA OA5038341940712 41093230760786
Lantsch/LenzS G O GA OA4504018115823 168282102001012
La PrazS G O GA OA767557570 62140001001
La Punt Chamues-chS G O GA OA4067129124150 27313322526713010277
La RippeS G O GA OA30988272154118 253551990112016221
La RocheS G O GA OA13041317215517 17111332710008
La SagneS G O GA OA3641452502 3632812035919
La SarrazS G O GA OA5428451233 405022220014
La SonnazS G O GA OA709643421 4266709000110
La TèneS G O GA OA11463338134734 3248226814457448198
La Tour-de-PeilzS G O GA OA15709314701223247 1303267612142101115741
LauenenS G O GA OA123893116111565 1133105011321311221155
LauerzS G O GA OA350792782771 272784401139
LäufelfingenS G O GA OA7466347439579 4602863402501239
LaufenS G O GA OA22851127417599 212207346612123999
LaufenburgS G O GA OA102462635455180 6024216122401430
Laufen-UhwiesenS G O GA OA5937947339677 4181481211212215045181
LaupenS G O GA OA125683105299557 102622924538909143
LaupersdorfS G O GA OA9159587285913 82392818818150143863
LauperswilS G O GA OA184981151115047 1479368225691024717
LausanneS G O GA OA10769991067975943085 902817414058151859207199575621
LausenS G O GA OA22337015811086495 1516717141411014470
LauterbrunnenS G O GA OA3693903350331040 3229464119151113262841518
LauwilS G O GA OA2716116612442 1611100001034
La VerrerieS G O GA OA7552116615313 1645911601620002164
LavertezzoS G O GA OA5000220 24981100001
Lavey-MorclesS G O GA OA3331143823802 29439158035087145
LavignyS G O GA OA2762160528 51225308003640
LavizzaraS G O GA OA0-000 000000000
LaxS G O GA OA438281241222 1013370011102032
Le Bémont (JU)S G O GA OA259451191154 108151104108110864118
Le Cerneux-PéquignotS G O GA OA1145765650 645032322571058
Le ChâtelardS G O GA OA26241293 122500001001
Le ChenitS G O GA OA1317941247119255 11641461394175056246
Le FlonS G O GA OA648430255 296190100012
Le Grand-SaconnexS G O GA OA12989312081001207 11141711040921213441094
LeibstadtS G O GA OA4259641013397 3923356102918
LeimbachS G O GA OA18710018718169 16423015700022179
LeissigenS G O GA OA942938798718 85983000199111211
Le LanderonS G O GA OA112291089612 811036130012226
Le Léman (VD)S G O GA OA1900918 010000088
Le Léman (VS)S G O GA OA1600606 010000066
Le LieuS G O GA OA388943663597 366220915601076
Le LocleS G O GA OA23318319411642299 1409910152118811713863460
Le Mont-sur-LausanneS G O GA OA19088516241478146 147343532184778206550
Le MouretS G O GA OA219151169719 110208118020515
LengnauS G O GA OA819101830474356 81440200057
Lengnau (BE)S G O GA OA1996891782173448 173226413231102548
LengwilS G O GA OA5837846044515 43612412815200349
LenkS G O GA OA34058729952891104 290949640626123331219
Le NoirmontS G O GA OA10875560556144 2608274046192627196
LensS G O GA OA2042861769731696 16264160183231104148
LenzburgS G O GA OA21819120061613393 1850330899904612571990
Le Pâquier (FR)S G O GA OA7765442915 427341518010220
Les BoisS G O GA OA7525037736512 2215311621632323119215
Les BreuleuxS G O GA OA8288369563362 6032252727166380154
Les CléesS G O GA OA918477725 6427000001313
Les EnfersS G O GA OA1134349481 1994181901927349
Les Genevez (JU)S G O GA OA4165723919049 196220880634244
Les MontetsS G O GA OA10225594910 509661717000825
Les PlanchettesS G O GA OA115981131103 1123110391040
Les Ponts-de-MartelS G O GA OA3811869609 523294401021528
Les VerrièresS G O GA OA2722261574 592130007119
LeuggernS G O GA OA73410073884654 721121100146
LeukS G O GA OA2605491289127019 11451454614803169188
LeukerbadS G O GA OA8261714413014 5477222271582117
LeutwilS G O GA OA266101270104166 26331100034
LeuzigenS G O GA OA8387966664818 65018615130917
Le VaudS G O GA OA5074322121110 2082995421301131
LeysinS G O GA OA11761721016149 17999743451041362
LeytronS G O GA OA174899174741743 171335012001215
LichtensteigS G O GA OA552104575429146 526260031631030
LiddesS G O GA OA28817550547827 2543300101250252
LiedertswilS G O GA OA1166272657 704600090110
LiesbergS G O GA OA929334286 32897127000027
LiestalS G O GA OA51736935762870706 3412176068231049348179
LigerzS G O GA OA374873263233 31955010590666
LignerolleS G O GA OA136891221220 11125232401221
LignièresS G O GA OA3128125323320 23478211802435
LindauS G O GA OA134410113641049315 125488486677277169809
LindenS G O GA OA1149789048968 89125822059514602
LinescioS G O GA OA1332129218 0133000002929
L'IsleS G O GA OA3689334324598 328400262301647
LocarnoS G O GA OA261021562324238 3792229891151152982244
Lohn-AmmannseggS G O GA OA1137971109903206 1018119454820167118
LöhningenS G O GA OA52984445268177 42810140721019418
Lohn (SH)S G O GA OA2991002992936 29093300039
LommisS G O GA OA4137230126833 2841272323302935
LommiswilS G O GA OA72299716534182 6873568461210026711
LonayS G O GA OA64798635418217 58562552650128582
LongirodS G O GA OA19931633726 481513232017747
LosoneS G O GA OA19241529319994 2431671232016930
LostalloS G O GA OA4846029522570 2891950000516
LostorfS G O GA OA17261011758174414 168044162116210260671688
LotzwilS G O GA OA1278881132110725 10901885122701646
LovatensS G O GA OA632516160 14490001001
LoveresseS G O GA OA290822382353 23159010170421
LucensS G O GA OA10262424715790 211786257224439
LufingenS G O GA OA57712069468113 557206382200131217
LuganoS G O GA OA117611720681272796 153510039425467653970183795
LuinsS G O GA OA1758014110338 10570103300034137
Lully (FR)S G O GA OA6850633 56801311004
Lully (VD)S G O GA OA2747921815365 2017319920104114216
LuminoS G O GA OA592318135 165750000112
LumneziaS G O GA OA15895283275181 714849133207413960261
LungernS G O GA OA75410780779413 74311001014951
LupfigS G O GA OA772105816225591 7571553511003387
LupsingenS G O GA OA815112102 138021100012
LüscherzS G O GA OA506834234221 4188801010802111
Lussery-VillarsS G O GA OA1200110 11190000000
Lüsslingen-NennigkofenS G O GA OA5909858156318 5413453453694018554
Lussy-sur-MorgesS G O