Sumvitg 2021-1-24

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Camona da Terriarea717300
Cuasarea717600 T:Crest,Condas,Tuor,Runs
Falensarea717600 Fanels
Frust Grondarea717600
Pardomat Dadoroad717600
Pardomat Dadoroad718000
Russeinarea717500 Surrein
Russeinarea718000 Surrein
Via Bubretschroad717300
Via Caduffroad717200
Via Caglieciroad717300
Via Caharliroad717600
Via Camonroad717600 Via Caho,Via Catat
Via Cantunroad717600 Via Catat
Via Catrotroad717500 Via Caho,Via Catat
Via Cavischlèroad717500
Via Chischliunroad717500
Via Clau Maissenroad717500
Via Clavadiroad717500
Via Clavadi-Tuorroad717500
Via Crestroad717600 Sil Crest,Via Catat
Via Crest da Caurasroad717500
Via Crucifixroad717500
Via Cumpadialsroad717500
Via Cuntrinroad717500
Via Curschellasroad717600
Via Curtinatschroad717600
Via Curtinsroad717200
Via dalla Staziunroad717500
Via Encardenroad717300
Via Fanelsroad717200
Via Fontauna Sutroad717500
Via Fopparoad717600 Via la Foppa
Via Giachentrinaroad717300
Via Igniuroad717200 X:Via Gir
Via Laitsroad717500
Via Lausroad717600 Via Caho
Via Mariasroad717200
Via Planatschroad717300
Via Plaun da Cruschroad717500
Via Plazzasroad717300
Via Quadras Suroad717500
Via Quadras Sutroad717500
Via Reitsroad717300
Via Resgiaroad717600
Via Runsroad717200
Via Siltginasroad717500
Via Sogn Benedetgroad717500
Via spel Reinroad717300
Via Sum il Vitgroad717500
Via sur Valroad717400
Via Valroad717300 Via Gir,Via Caho
Via Vitgroad717600 Via Gir,Via Sutvitg