Trun 2018-6-24

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Alp Schlansnone716800
Plaz Cadruvinone716600
Pleunsnone716800 Truns
Stradunnone716600 Trun
Via Alois Carigietnone716600
Via Badugnanone716600
Via Bardigliunnone717200
Via Cabuschnone716600
Via Cagliasnone716600
Via Caltgadiranone716600
Via Caltgerasnone716600
Via Camartgeisnone716800 Via Camertgeis
Via Campadinone716600
Via Campliunnone716600
Via Capeternone716700
Via Carmaneranone716600
Via Cartatschanone716600
Via Caspar Decurtinsnone716600
Via Cavanone716700 Via Cavilan
Via Cavanone716800 T:Via Cavilan
Via Chilgierinone716700
Via Cliusnone716600
Via Crap Griesnone716600
Via Crestasnone716600
Via Criedinone716700
Via Cruschnone716600
Via Cumadénone716600
Via Curtinnone716600 Via Mulin
Via Dalischnone716700
Via Darvellanone716600
Via d'Industrianone716600
Via Dulezinone716600
Via Fabricanone716600
Via Ferreranone716600
Via Flutginasnone716600
Via Foppanone716600
Via Fraissensnone716600
Via Fravianone716600
Via Gravasnone716600
Via Gravasnone716700
Via Gravas sutnone716600
Via Gruobanone716600
Via Ligniunone716600
Via Mangurnone716600
Via Pader Placinone716600
Via Pendasnone716600 Via Pansal
Via Péranone716600
Via Pervendanone716700
Via Platialanone716600
Via Plaunnone716600 T:Via Plaunca
Via Plaun Vriclanone716700
Via Pleunanone716800 Via Plaunca
Via Pustgetnone716600
Via Renschnone716600
Via Resgiasnone716600
Via Sogn Giusepnone716600
Via sogn Martinnone716600
Via Sontga Catrinanone716600
Via Sortsnone716600
Via Splecsnone716600
Via Stavonsnone716600
Via Staziunnone716600
Via Stretganone716600
Via Sum il Vitgnone716600
Via Tgermanalnone716600
Via Tiraunnone716600
Via Tödinone716600
Via Tujalsnone716800 Via Dual,Via Tjulas
Via Val Campliunnone716600
Via Vriclanone716700
Via Vricla sutnone716700
Via Zinzeranone716600