Losone 2017-10-21

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Contrada Maggioreunknown661600
Contrada Mondrigounknown661600
Contrada San Giorgiounknown661600
Salita Brugliounknown661600
Salita Cianiunknown661600
Salita degli Ortiunknown661600
Via Ai Grottiunknown661600
Via Ai Grottiunknown661800
Via Altisiounknown661800
Via Bedruscionone661600
Via Bedrusciounknown661800
Via Campo dell'Ortounknown661800
Via Carlesciaroad661600
Via Case Albertiniunknown661600
Via Case Contiunknown661600
Via Ceuunknown661800 Via Cesura
Via degli Ortiunknown661600
Via Fontanoneroad661600
Via Frigeraunknown661800 Via Trisnera
Via Locounknown661800 T:Via Ronco,Via Losone,Via Locarno
Via Monte Veritàunknown661600 Via Monte Veritá
Via Pezza Venerdìunknown661600 VIa Pezza Venerdì
Via Piazzounknown661800
Via Severino Caldelarinone661600
Via Socialeunknown661600
Via Trusciounknown661600
Via Vigna Alfieriunknown661600
Vicolo Al Fornounknown661600
Vicolo Al Torchiounknown661600
Vicolo Canaaunknown661600
Vicolo dei Tigliunknown661600
Vicolo Mottounknown661600
Vicolo St. Antoniounknown661800