Agno 2018-4-21

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Piazza Boffanone699000
Piazza Col. Vicaripoint698200
Piazza del Solenone698200
Piazza Giovanni Negrinone698200
Piazza Luigi Ruscanone698200
Via alle Erenone698200
Via Basciraroad698200
Via Bernardino Quadrinone698200
Via Buricoroad699000
Via Chiodendaroad698200
Via Ciabattiniroad698200
Via Collinaroad698200
Via del Parcoroad698200 Via del Pario
Via Fontanoneroad698200 X:Via Fontanelle
Via Giacomo Ruscanone698200
Via Giuseppe Quadrinone699000
Via Jean Cortyroad698200 Via Jeam Corty
Via Mondanone698200 T:Via Ronco,T:Via Prada
Via Mondadiscioroad698200 Via Montadiscio
Via Oronone698200 T:Via Ronco
Via Ortaccioroad699000
Via Pestarisonone698200 via Pestariso
Via Ponte Vecchionone698200
Via Riveranone698200 X:Via Girora,Via Riviera
Via Ronchettaccionone693400
Via Ronchettaccionone698200
Via San Giorgioroad699000
Via Sassellinone698200
Via Svenanone699000 X:Via Selva
Via Vecchio Vedeggioroad698200
Vicolo al Mottonone698200
Vicolo al Mottonone699000
Vicolo Torrenone698200