Astano 2021-1-27

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
ai Bréiroad699900
ai Bügárdarea699900
ai Canaaroad699900
ai Cornagèeroad699900 Cornagèe
ai Poréttarea699900
ai Porteghíttroad699900
ai Runchíttroad699900
ai Vezzánroad699900 Ai Pezzásc
ar Abissíniaroad699900
ara Carároad699900 Via Carà
ara Dogánaroad699900
ara Fròdaroad699900
ara Gésaroad699900
ar Alp da Móntarea699900
ara Mósaroad699900
ara Piázza Stehlepoint699900
ara Piazzéta da Funtánapoint699900
ara Piazzéta da Sant'Antònipoint699900
ar Castèllroad699900
ar Fontanónroad699900
a Riazzóraroad699900 Riazzora
ar Inèraroad699900 Inèra
ar Laghéttroad699900
ar Prorónroad699900
ar Ròcolroad699900
ar Ronchéeroad699900
ar Sentée di Erbágnroad699900
a Zoréntroad699900