Gravesano 2018-4-26

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Salita al Matteroroad692900
Via al Fiumenone692900
Via Campo Nuovoroad692900
Via Curtoranone692900
Via Istituto Ruscanone692900
Via Penodraroad692900 Via Penudria
Via Piazzoraroad692900
Via Pradanone692900
Via Roncaccioroad692900
Via Strada Reginanone692900
Via Vignasciaroad692900 Via Vignasca
Vicolo di Grumonone692900
Vicolo Gesoranone692900
Vicolo Portonenone692900
Vicolo Strecianone692900
Vicolo Vecchionone692900