Vernate 2018-6-19

This list contains the GWR features that could not be matched with an OSM object.

Approx. Match column: X: exact match with data in OSM, T: match with different type

GWR NameGWR TypePLZ6Approx. Matches
Ai Guastinone699200 Guasti
Al Pontascnone699200
Al Porticonone699200
Piazzetta Municipionone699200
Summer Villagenone699200
Via alla Valleroad699200
Via BalĂ road699200
Via Buricoroad699200
Via Eviaroad699200 Via Selva
Via Fontanoneroad699200
Via Morniroloroad699200
Via Piancaroad699200
Via Piancacciaroad699200
Via Preeroad699200 Via pre
Vicolo Strecianone699200
Villaggio del Solenone699000
Villaggio del Solenone699200